SHOUT is our Sunday morning Children's ministry, we meet at 10am in the church hall and have an hour of worship, bible reading/stories, craft, games, reflection time, prayer time, with toast and soft drinks provided.

Children return to their parents after receiving communion or blessing.

SHOUT - to Seek Him OUT

Shout Aims:

  • To guide young people into a living relationship with Christ.
  • For young people to develop a spiritual base which they can call upon throughout their life journey.
  • For young people to be aware of the spiritual gifts they possess.

How to Join:

Children can join the group anytime from 10am. Parents please complete the register before leaving their children. Children will be able to leave the group at anytime. A Shout leader will return them to their parents if they leave before communion

All children are welcome, especially if you are visiting or it is your first time.