The Samaritans Purse SNUG

The Samaritans Purse SNUG.

Why Samaritans Purse?  Back in 2002 I was given an Operation Christmas Child leaflet asking for support for their Shoe Box Appeal. The idea was to fill a decorated shoe box with small gifts and essential toiletries, and take it to a dedicated Drop Off point. The filled Christmas boxes would be collected by Samaritans Purse International and sent to under privileged children in countries affected by war or natural disasters.    The Samaritans Purse SNUG

The idea appealed to me, so I asked if anyone in our congregation would like to join me in making up boxes. We raised 24. The following year we decided to support the charity again and raised 36 boxes.

In 2004 there wasn't a Drop Off Point in our area so we had to make a choice, either give up or become a drop off point here at the church. Andrew gave us his blessing and the church was registered as a Drop Off point on the charities website. Andrew also encouraged the local schools to join us, to our joy and amazement we received 500 shoe boxes, we also met many new friends as they arrived in laden cars to our door.

Since then we have been invited to schools and churches in the area, telling them of the Operation Christmas Child Appeal, and the number of boxes received each year has grown, last year we received 1340 boxes!!

In response to the number of boxes coming in, our team of volunteers has increased and I am proud to say that we are an ecumenical team. We have members from 2 Baptist churches plus 1 from the Hope church at Greenford and 2 from St Mary's church Harefield.

The team numbers were increasing and communicating with everyone was getting difficult so it was suggested that we became a Snug. We are all Christians working for a Christian charity, we fitted well into the 5 Snug values and we could change from leader led to an all involved group, sharing not only the work but the planning as well. Supporting and encouraging each other in what we all feel is the Holy Spirits work.

We plan to meet quarterly on the 3rd Friday of April, July October and January. here in the hall at 12.30-2pm.

We will be having guest speakers from the charity, there will also be Presenter training available for anyone who is interested during May.

Operation Christmas Child appeal will always be our priority, but we are hoping to support Samaritans Purse  "Turn on the Tap" ,a walk for water appeal, as unclean water affects many of the recipients of our Christmas boxes. We will be discussing this at our April meeting.
If you would like to join us please speak to any of the group, I can promise you some hard work, a lot of fun and a tremendous sense of satisfaction when the last shoe box is sent on its way.
Group members.
Betty, Jean, Irene, Marion, Wendy, Michelle, David, Kay, Jo, Linda, Joan, Margaret & Pam.