SWAN(Snug Without A Name) 
Focus of the Group:- Parenting, children and family issues. J
Group Members:- Jackie, Edna, Cindy, Karen, Michelle and Marina
When we meet:- On a Saturday morning once a month, taking it in turns to host breakfast.

It is a real pleasure to be a member of this group and to walk along a faith journey with these Sisters in Christ.  The centre for this group is the growing fellowship and support of one to another which has meant that we have been able to respond to one another’s needs with prayer and discernment.  At the beginning we set a clear focus for our meetings (see above!) and to start this off we all read “Teenagers. What every parent has to know” by Rob Parsons (excellent read we would recommend it to you all!)  with the aim to discuss this and pray into situations relevant to ourselves.  

If your are interested in finding out more please talk to any of us you would be most welcome. JOh the name SWAN is in recognition of how beautiful and serene we look on top of the water and how we are all paddling like mad beneath the surface!  Come on be a SWAN the waters lovely and with God you don’t have to paddle the wrong way!